IBM Portal Login URL

I was trying to customizing the login portlet of IBM Portal ( Version 6.1) .
I added my own login portlet on login page along with IBM's login portlet. I was able to login with my login portlet and were doing some code changes to meet customized requirement.

To test something i deleted IBM's login portlet and somehow then i was not able to login with my own login portlet.

I got stuck but then any how i have to login to add IBM's login portlet on login page.
Later on, I posted this issue on IBM developerworks and got the solution which is a standard IBM portal login url.
With this url i was able to login and put IBM's login portlet back on login page. I wasted my 30 minutes in finding solution. Also the reason for writing this post, to save time of all who might encounter this issue in their env.

Here is the IBM Portal login URL ( i am breaking down the link in three lines to get clear url )

But yes.. in the end finally, i got my customized login portlet working

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