Creating separate Administrator for Staging and Production on WebSphere Portal

In one of my project, my client was using single LDAP repository for both Staging and Production. However, they asked us to create separate portal admin group for Staging and Production.

In WPS, we have wpsadmins group and we used this group for production administrators, now other than wpsadmins, client asked us to create a new group specially for Staging administrators.

Here Staging administrators can only access staging server and shouldn't access Production Environment. In this scenario, we cannot add the staging users under wpsadmins group.

To handle this scenario, below procedure will help you to add new admin group on portal, other than wpsadmins which is being frequently used.

1. Login to WebSphere Portal as an administrator
2. Click on Administration Page
3. Navigate to Access -> Resource Permissions and select Virtual Resources
4. Click on Permission Icon beside Portal
5. Click on the Permission Icon for Administrator
6. Add a new staging administrator group you would like. In our example its wpsstagadmins
7. Click back on Portal
8. click logout.

Now, for testing, create a user under wpsstagadmins group and try logging with that user.

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Mihir Shah said...

Nice blog. I have gone through it but still not able to search user groups after having assigned the group proper access on virutal resource as mentioned by you. For ex. I have a user 'A' who is a member of 'groupA' and this group acts as admin group which has admin access on portal virutal resource. But when I log in with user 'A' and try to search for say 'groupB', I am not able to find that group. But when I login using wpsadmin and search the group I am able to get that.