Custom landing page after login - Authentication Filter approach

For one of my WebSphere Portal project , i had a requirement in which, different groups of users belonging to different departments should be presented with respective department wise landing page once they logged in to portal.

In detail, Portal has users which are grouped on the basis of their departments.Now, when any user login to portal we were required to present appropriate portal landing page based on the department, logged in user belongs to.

In WPS portal, there is a concept of Authentication Filter, where we can calculate the redirect URL on runtime.
However, the user -> URL mapping is configured statically in the properties of the login filter.

Have a look at
Configuring Authentication Filters

Note:- On click of above link, you might found "Topic Not Found" page, if this happens. Just search for"Configuring Authentication Filter" in the search box on the left panel, the first link itself will point you to the required article.

You will also require to code your custom AuthenticationFilter.
Have a look at my post on Authentication Filter Implementation.

To define the redirect URLs for individual user IDs, specify your custom set of properties for your custom AuthenticationFilter class accordingly.

In place of userID (neerajs, davidy), you can also define group name, this will require code change accordingly in filter to redirect.


Anonymous said...

Could you use personalization along with a WCM component and base the content presented in the portlet on the person's group? I think this would only work if every landing page had the same portlets though.

landing page said...

Indeed a landing page needs to be in line with advertisement given by you. If the client has been attracted by an offer given by you then the first thing he should get on the landing page is more information about the offer and how can he get benefitted by the same. Landing page needs to convey the essence of the AD and cerate and urge for him to place an order.