IBM Portal Login using URL

For one of our client, i was working on customization of login portlet on IBM WebSphere Portal. I have added my own login portlet on login page along with IBM's login portlet.
I was able to login with my login portlet and also were doing some code changes to meet customized requirement.
While testing some test cases, i removed IBM's login portlet from login page.
As i was doing some code change, somehow while testing i didn't able to login with my own login portlet and IBM's login portlet had also been removed.

I got stuck on thinking, how to login to portal now? Even for deploying my custom login war, i have to login to portal first.
Without any second thought, my primary focus on how to login to portal so that i can put IBM's login portlet back on login page.

Finally i found a solution in which IBM portal provides a standard IBM portal login url, with this url i was able to login to portal and added IBM's login portlet back on login page.

It took me around 30 minutes to find solution.

I thought of sharing this solution with my blog, which might save time for others.

Here is IBM Portal login URL <protocol>://<servername>:<port>/wps/portal/cxml/

But yes.. my customized login portlet is working great now being used in PROD now. :-)

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