Copy Portlet - Creation and Configuration

In my last post i described on Copy Portlet Concepts and how to solve certain use cases with Copy Portlet Concept.

This post describes Copy Portlet concept provided by IBM WebSphere Portal

With this post, i am describing on how to implement copy portlet

Here is what i will explain on how to
A) Create Copy of a portlet
B) Configure copy portlet
C) Retrieve parameter of Copy Portlet

A) Creating Copy of a Portlet
1) Login to portal as Admin.

2) go to Administration.
3) Navigate to Portlet Management -> Portlets.
4) Search for portlet you want to make copy and click on Copy Portlet icon.
5) Provide a new name to copy portlet and click ok.

B) Configuring copy portlet
1) click on Configure icon of Copy portlet.

2) provide New Preference: and New value: and click on Add button and then click ok.

C) Retrieving parameter of Copy Portlet
The new preference you provided for copy portlet can be retrieved using portlet preference.

How it will work,
When you hit copy portlet instance, you will get the preference value you have set while configuring copy portlet and based on the value you can perform your business logic.

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Anonymous said...


I am using the IBM JSP Server Portlet. I have a content management system that allows a content editor to change HTML content in the JSP. The updated JSP file is then deployed to a Network File System that is essentially mounted to the Portal Application server where the JSP Server portlet is installed. My question is, Does a JSP get complied into a servlet every time a new version of that JSP is deployed with it's content changed?

Thank you