What is PUMA and how it works

Few information on What is PUMA and how it works...

* PUMA is Portal User Management Architecture and from developers prespective, it provides an API to get portal user information.

* PUMA is configured by default and if later on you cofigure your portal to LDAP, PUMA automatically starts pointing to LDAP.

*When you use PUMA api to get user information, basically PUMA makes a call to VMM (Virtual Member Manager) and VMM makes an internal call to your datastore( LDAP, AD, etc).

In more detail, VMM first looks into a mapping file, a file in which Portal attributes are mapped to LDAP attributes and this mapping is done automatically at the time of configuring potal to LDAP.

*In addition to above information,
when you create a new portal user using Profile Portlet, you have following attributes by default
User ID:
Confirm Password:
First Name:
Last Name:
Preferred language:

other then these attributes, if you want to add additional attributes in the list, then just go to Configure mode the portlet and select attributes that you wish to appear in the list.

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