How to Move a portal page on WPS?

Moving a portal page involves, changing of parent page/label.

This kind of scenario could arise when you have portlets added on portal pages and later in futureyou are required to move page from one place to another.Also this page move should not disturb portlets on page being moved.

Here i am explaining with a sample page move...

Considering, we have Page A and Page B as two parent page/label.
Page P1 and Page P2 are under Page A and
Page P3 and Page P4 are under Page B.

Page A ==== Page B
Page P1 -------- Page P3
Page P2 ------- Page P4

Scenario is like, We want to move Page P4 from Page B to Page A and and this moving of pages should not disturb portlets added on page P4.

Here is how you can perform page Move...

1) Login to portal as admin
2) Go to Administration
3) Navigate to Portal User Interface --> Manage pages
4) Find Page P4
5) Click on Mark icon adjacent to Page p4.
6) You can see a message saying, "Page P4 is ready to be moved." on top of Manage Pages portlet.
7) Navigate to the page where you want page P4 to be moved. In our case, it is Page A.
8) Navigate to Page A.
Note:- You can now see Move button along with New Page, New label, New URL.
9) Click on Move button and you are done with moving page P4 under Page A.

As as result, you can see that Page p4 is moved from PageB and is now available under PageA.

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