How to redirect to custom page after session timeout in WPS

When your portal session expires, by defalut you get a message saying that
Your portal session has timed out because of no activity. Please start a new session at your portal Home.
In scenarios where you want user to redirect to login screen or custom page after session expires, there you will need to add custom property to WP Configservice.

Here yo go....

1) Login to WAS as admin
2) Navigate to Resources - >Resource environment - > Resource environment providers
3) Click on WP ConfigService
4) Click on Custom properties
5) click on New

6) provide redirect.logout to name field
7) provide true to value field
8) click Ok
9) cick new again to add another property

10) provide redirect.logout.url to name field
11) provide /wps/portal to value field (this will bring up login portlet after session time out. You can also provide custom url to redirect users to custom screen after session time out)
12) click ok and
13) Save configuration
Restart portal.


Gunnar Vinje said...

Nice post.

I have another problem. I have a website in WebSphere Portal (wcm) 6.5.1. Is it possible for an administrator to block the site for a while, and redirect external users to a /maintenance page (can be outside WebSphere on a http server)?

During this period the user must not bee able to access the other documents in the site.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

Careful in setting portal session timeout URL. We did this and found that it worked as advertised, however, we had other pages that upon certain errors or conditions, we redirected the user from an authenticed URL to a non-authenticated URL which was an error page in the portal. This redirect kills the session and the session redirect took over causing the user to not see the error page.

Ross said...

hi extreme portal. do you perhaps know the location of that error message?

"Your portal session has timed out because of no activity. Please start a new session at your portal Home."

It doesn't read well and we would lie to change it. I have looked all over and can't seem to find it.


Sid said...


I made these changes, but still not getting the login page after session time out. My environment is:

OS-Windows 7
WPS - 7

Is anything else needs to be done apart from setting these two properties (redirect.logout = true and redirect.logout.url=/wps/portal )?