DynaCache in cluster environment

It has been really long time i haven't posted any articles on my blog. somehow was busy with couple of projects.

Finally today i got some time and thought of immediately write a post before it's too late again... anyways..

So friends, here in one of my assignment we are using dynacache to share object across application.

I posted my query on IBM developer works asking for how DynaCache works in cluster environment and i got one reply, so just thought of sharing on my blog.

DynaCache behaviour in clustered environment is somewhat different and need to take special attention.

Fist, if you don't have data replication domain setup in cluster environment each node has its own copy of the dynacache and which may cause issues in case of fail over or in case when objects are shared between diff application.

To use the your dynacache as global object across the cluster , you need create one data replication domain for the all nodes in the cluster and enable the data replication service.

To enable data replication service of dynacache, please refer to Configuring cache replication
article in infocenter

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Harshad said...

Do you know what happens in the below scenario, if dynacache is used as a global object:
1 node updates a portion the cache. Does this block read access for the other 5 at that time? If so, is it synchronized on the cache as a whole or individual objects?