Translating public URL to protected URLs

This post talks about when you have portal user session exists for anonymous users and of course that time user will be accessing unprotected pages and portlets.
This time portal url will be like .../wps/portal/......

Now you want that, as soon as user tries to access any protected url during this journey, the portal url should automatically change to ../wps/myportal/...

configuration service property uri.home.substitution determines whether a public URL should be translated to a protected URL if a user session exists.

to do this...perform following steps...

1.Launch Deployment Manage Console and Login as wpsadmin.
2.Goto Resouces -> Resource environment -> Resource environment providers -> WP ConfigService -> Custom Properties.
3.Add this property uri.home.substitution = true


Wouter said...

This could be the solution we were looking for.
But is this a WebSphere Portal 6.1 setting or will it work on 6.0 as well?

And do you know, after applying this setting, what will happen if a user is authenticated, so browsing /wps/myportal and then hits a /wps/portal page?
In WebSphere Portal 6.0 (I'm not sure if it's the same in 6.1) an authenticated user is being logged out if he hits a /wps/portal page.
I hope that the solution you describe will fix this behavior as well.

Neeraj Sidhaye said...

Hi Wouter,

this should work for portal 6.0 as well though i have never tested but portal 6.0 info center talks about this.

for your second query, if user is authenticated and browsing /wps/myportal and hits /wps/portal page, then url will be automatically changed to /wps/myportal/..

hope that helps...

amit said...


We are using portal 6.1. This property is taking us to /wps/portal/ to /wps/myportal when user session is there , but we are always getting the default page , instead the page we are hitting with /wps/portal. Can you tell us the property to fix this>?

Neeraj Sidhaye said...

Hi Amit,

does user has proper permission on the page?
You are saying, when user logs in, url is coming up from /wps/portal to /wps/myportal but target page is not coming and default page is showing up?

could you please check the access permission first.