Exporting and importing a WCM library

While working with WCM, you may come to a scenario where you have created WCM library in one environment and want to export the same library to other environment.

For example:-  You have WCM library created for staging environment and want to create the same library for you preprod or production environment.
You can easily do this by exporting library from one environment and import it to other environment.

There are certain rules and procedures that you should be aware of and also need to consider the limitations.

For detailed description, please follow steps described in article Exporting and importing a WCM library


Anonymous said...

Syndication should be the right approach to sync content across multiple environment.

Neeraj Sidhaye said...

yes that's correct, syndication is the right approach.
Export and Import of WCM library can be used when you don't have similar versions of portal/was in your various evn.

Romario.iTech said...

Can I export a WCM library residing on WCM (source ) to a WCM (destination) where the versions of source and destinations are same but have different fix packs applied to them?