Identifying WPS, WAS ports for your portal environment

 This post specially talks about identifying port details for your Portal, WAS environment.
You can find all ports related and other portal, WAS related useful information inside serverindex.xml file.

Find serverindex.xml file located under

There will be two serverEntries tag in serverindex.xml file.
One for WebSphere_Portal and other for server1


WebSphere Portal entry in serverindex.xml 
<serverEntries xmi:id="ServerEntry_1183122129640" serverName="WebSphere_Portal" serverType="APPLICATION_SERVER">

Server1 entry in serverindex.xml
<serverEntries xmi:id="ServerEntry_1257635939012" serverName="server1" serverType="APPLICATION_SERVER">

For WebSphere Portal - search for   serverName="WebSphere_Portal"

To find out port for WPS http and https port

http port - search for  "WC_defaulthost"

https -     search for  "WC_defaulthost_secure"

For server1 - search for   serverName="server1"

To find out details about server1 http and https ports, search inside servername="server1"

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