Relaunching RAD workspace selection dialog box

When you launch RAD, it shows a dialog box to select your workspace that you want to work with.
You might have seen a check box saying, "Use this as default and do not ask again."
If you have selected this check box, then next time onwards RAD will never ask you to choose your workspace.

To launch the dialog box again for workspace selection, a flag needs to be reset in one of the RAD configuration file and then you can create a new workspace or select an existing one.

Find the file org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs locatd under 
<RAD INSTALL>/SDP/configuration/.settings/
Open the file, you can find an entry saying


PS:- Default value for this entry is true

The value of this property will be set to false, when you select check box "Use this as default and do not ask again.", when you open RAD.

Just make this value to true and save the file.
Now, next time when you open RAD, you will be prompted to select your workspace and you can also create new workspace.

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