WASX7070E: The configuration service is not available.

I was trying to register portlet services on WAS console using jython script.
Script worked well in my local portal environement and but in some of the env I was getting following exception
WASX7070E: The configuration service is not available.

Just wanted to share the solution that I found and hope it may help and would save time...

When you are running a script which takes one of the argument as SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS, you may find this kind of error..(WASX7070E:....)

First, to know SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS value, please Login to WAS Console

click on Servers, then
Server Types, then
WebSphere application servers, then
WebSphere_Portal, then
expand the port section ( right bottom side under Communications heading)
look for the port value of SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS. 

Now, take look at  the \AppServer\profiles\AppSrv01\properties\wsadmin.properties and look for value for com.ibm.ws.scripting.port

Next, open WAS console and navigate to ports as shown below
Application servers > server1 > Ports

Verify that, SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS port number should be set to com.ibm.ws.scripting.port in wsadmin.properties.
IF NOT, try running your command with the com.ibm.ws.scripting.port value specified in wsadmin.properties file.


Giuseppe said...

pipoGreat, this help me very much, the port that I must connect to was 8879 (dmgr not server1). Thank you!

Anonymous said...

thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Me too. Thank you, it really helped me also. - Roomina Merali