JSR 286 <portlet:defineObjects/> enhancements

JSR 168 <portlet:defineObjects/>, give access to following implicit objects in JSP
renderRequest, actionRequest, portletConfig

JSR 286 <portlet:defineObjects/> has been enhanced in this area and gives you access to following implicit objects on jsp

    -> renderRequest and renderResponse
    -> resourceRequest and resourceResponse
    -> actionRequest and actionResponse
    -> eventRequest and eventResponse
    -> portletConfig
    -> portletSession (returns an existing session or null if no session exists)
    -> Map<String,Object> portletSessionScope (provides access to the portletSession attributes)
    -> portletPreferences (provides access to the portlet preferences)
    -> Map<String, String[]> portletPreferencesValues (provides access to the portlet preferences as a Map)

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