JSF portlet - multiple action execution

This feature is used by IBM WebSphere Portal to stop processing the same Action request twice (for example, browser Back button feature).

wps.multiple.action.execution is a portlet initialization parameter that can be set in the portlet’s deployment descriptor (that is, portlet.xml).

If this protection feature is left on (wps.multiple.action.execution=true), WebSphere Portal would treat a repeated Action URL as a Render URL with no repetition of portlet action, rather portlet would just be rendered.
This is achieved by storing executed Action results and state in a session to prevent the multiple actions.


Vivek Verma said...

Hey Neeraj,

I just wanted to read more about wps.multiple.action.execution init parameter usage and I google brought me to your blog. I felt so great...Keep posting...

~Vivek Verma (hope you remember :) )

sandeep kulkarni said...


I am working on browser back functionality using Spring portlets.
I am setting "wps.multiple.action.execution = true" in Portlet deployement descriptor, but still control is not going anywhere on browser back. Please help.