How to change the WPS URL

There might be situations when you want to change portal entry url.
After portal installation you will see portal url as 

http://hostname:10039/wps/portal     ( for Anonymous users) and  
http://hostname:10039/wps/myportal  ( for Authenticated users).

In the above url, 

wps is the WPSContextRoot
portal is the WpsDefaultHome
myportal is the WpsPersonalizedHome

Now, if you want to change the url and want to look like

 ( for Anonymous users)

( for Authenticated users).

You would require to make changes in the and files, located in the wp_profile_root/ConfigEngine/properties

For complete details, please go through the following documentation

Above changes are for wps 6.1.5. If you want to make change in some other wps version, please refer to respective WPS version info center.

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