Spring BOOT

I am trying to putting together notes and hands on coding on following topics.
I will be using STS (Spring Tool Suite) tool for coding samples.

1.   What is Spring Boot

2.   Spring Boot components

3.   REST web service using Spring Boot Actuator

4.   Microservices Architecture with Spring Boot

5.   Spring Boot REST, JPA, Hibernate example

Let’s Start…

What is Spring Boot - 2 mins read

ü  Spring Boot is a framework built on top of spring framework, mainly on top of spring IO platform.  Spring Boot reduces common/regular configuration efforts, and hence gives development a quick kick off.

ü  Reduce development on Unit test and Integration Test by providing some defaults.

ü  Spring Boot also provides embedded HTTP Serves like tomcat, Jetty etc..

ü  Provides plugins to work with embedded in-memory databases very easily

ü  Easy integration with existing spring modules like Spring JDBC, Spring ORM, Spring Security etc.

Example:-  When you start your development, you add many dependencies like  spring-core jar, spring web jar, spring webmvc jar,  servlet jar etc.. and then for DB operations,  you would also add more jars like spring jdbc jar, spring  ORM jar, spring Transaction jars etc..
In all you have to add these jars as dependencies in most of you projects…

Now, what Spring Boots does is-> it’s one of the component , called Spring Boot Starter, which combines all these jar into one jar and set that single jar to your project class path!
At the end,  developer  need to add only one jar dependency “spring boot starter” which takes care of loading multiple jars.

Spring Boot concept is inspired by Groovy framework. Spring Boot internally using Groovy based techniques for defaults imports and configurations.
Groovy is also JVM language. It also produces .class file with same byte code format as Java’s .class file!

In short, Spring Boot Framework is Auto-configuration, Auto-Dependency Resolution, Manage endpoint by spring Actuator, embedded HTPP serves and Spring Boot CLI.

Next blog post will have details on Spring Boot Component

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